Frequently Asked Questions. 

QUESTION: What is www.Optimum.Center?

ANSWER: www.Optimum.Center is an academic institute founded in 2018 at the suggestion of a TedTalk encouraging the development of modern education models. You can think of us like a gym for the mind & body. Our members are variously the first to computationally simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation, have worked for the world's biggest technology companies, trained world class athletes, and much more. We have been Liked over 1 million times across social media, including by arguably the world's most respected and successful living academic, Stephen Wolfram founder of Wolfram Alpha and other notables, and our fitness program has been trusted by Super Bowl Champion NFL teams, P.E. Teachers of the Years & the U.S. Military.  

QUESTION: What is included with membership to www.Optimum.Center?

ANSWER: Members of www.Optimum.Center receive franchise to build and grow their own Optimum Program, Club or Center in their own local community after a positive conversation with our team, included free with membership; access to our private community of hundreds of members and video-chat with our team; exclusive access to our member's research presented in our 2-hour "video-textbook" The Optimum Theory of Everything and option to certify as a Certified Optimist; access to our Optimum Fitness curriculum and option to certify as an Optimum Fitness Coach; and, access to our online creative space and professionally licensed Oculus Virtual Reality development studio for participation and contribution, Optimum Studios.  

QUESTION: Why does your academic institute have a study and fitness component?

ANSWER: Fun fact, the world's very first academy, Plato's Academy, was on the grounds of a gymnasium. The academic tradition of combining intellectual and physical pursuits on the same grounds continues to this day, which is why most schools also have sports and physical education programs.   


QUESTION: If I start my own Optimum franchise can I do it my way?


ANSWER: For the most part, yes! We want you to make your Optimum franchise your own, and it is not required to utilize all our departments (Center, Fitness, Study, Studio) and can focus on, or expand upon, components in a way that makes sense for you and your resources.   

QUESTION: Can I use Optimum programs at my school, YMCA, college, church, gym, company, etc...? 

ANSWER: Reach out to us & let's talk! We have worked with hundreds of organizations including public schools, YMCAs, colleges, military bases, world championship sports teams, companies, churches, missions and even prisons.

QUESTION: Can you tell me about your 2-hour "video-textbook" The Optimum Theory of Everything?

ANSWER: Sure! We started by asking, "what good is an academic institute without a curriculum, and who better to develop the curriculum than the members of the institute?" Our members' latest research is presented in The Optimum Theory of Everything, a 2-hour "video-textbook" available exclusively for members at www.Optimum.Center. The "theory of everything" is an educational concept that dates back to at least Plato but more recently was popularized by Albert Einstein who made the theory of everything the primary focus of his study. Designed to inspire discussion and even debate, The Optimum Theory of Everything is a scientific, theory-based exploration of all material reality including - for the first time - unified physics, abiogenesis, consciousnesses, social and economic systems, advanced technologies, the potential futures of humanity and everything in between. The theory was developed by participating members at www.Optimum.Center. The theory may be wrong in part or total and is revised with better information as needed; in fact, we like to joke that our logo resembles an asterisks as a reminder that our curriculum is theory and could be wrong in part or total. The theory abides by applicable laws concerning the release of sensitive and advanced information. You can watch the first 2 minutes of The Optimum Theory of Everything, here. 

QUESTION: Can you tell me about www.Optimum.Center's certification program?

ANSWER: Sure! We are the only educational institute that recognizes Certified Optimists (and yes, Certified Optimist is one of our trademarks). A Certified Optimist is someone who understands The Optimum Theory of Everything  - not an easy task! Agreement with the theory is not required for certification (in fact, we expect debate during the certification process) only understanding of the theory is required, proven through a video-chat conversation with our research team. Certification is free for members at www.Optimum.Center. Certified Optimists receive an official, physical certificate from our research department, the Optimum Advanced Study. You are not required to be a Certified Optimist to found your Optimum Program, Club or Center franchise.   

QUESTION: Has The Optimum Theory of Everything been published as a paper in any academic journals?

ANSWER: Charles Darwin did not publish exclusively for the academic community and neither does www.Optimum.Center. As of 5/1/21 The Optimum Theory of Everything has been reviewed on various platforms over 5 million times and has generated over 100,000 comments from professors, students, STEM professionals, FAANG professionals, and everyday people. The Optimum Theory of Everything has been called "really cool" by Stephen Wolfram who is arguably the most respected and successful living academic, and the theory's first principles are now the foundation for the world's fastest computer chip, the Cerebras Engine, which is deployed at the U.S. Department of Energy for modeling of fundamental physics and artificial intelligence. 

QUESTION: Has The Optimum Theory of Everything made any predictions that have come true?

ANSWER: Yes. For example, The Optimum Theory of Everything predicted that dark matter is a "fluid" nearly a year before it became widely accepted by the PENN State Physics department and other reputed institutes. The Optimum Theory of Everything predicted infinite particle rebirth and decay nearly a year before it was experimentally discovered by another institute and Universal smoothness nearly 2 years before its discovery. The Optimum Theory of Everything predicted the "unexpected results" of this Muon experiment that made national news, 3 years prior.  The Optimum Theory of Everything's computational processor (first presented in 2018 and reviewed that year by over one million people in the sciences) is fundamentally identical to the Cerebras Engine currently the fastest computer processor on Earth, first announced and presented in 2020. 

QUESTION: What is Optimum Fitness?

ANSWER: Optimum Fitness is a licensed FitSports® program, utilized by Super Bowl Champion NFL teams, P.E. Teachers of the Year and U.S. Military Bases and Warrior Training Programs. Members at www.Optimum.Center have access to the Optimum Fitness curriculum and can be freely certified as an Optimum Fitness Coach. Optimum Fitness Certification is required to incorporate Optimum Fitness into your franchised Optimum Program, Club or Center.     

QUESTION: What is Optimum Studios?

ANSWER: Optimum Studios is a general purpose creative space and professionally licensed Oculus Virtual Reality development studio. 

QUESTION: What does your logo represent?

ANSWER: It's a Venn Diagram of representing our 4 departments - Optimum Study, Optimum Studios, Optimum Fitness and Optimum Programs meeting at the Optimum Center which is a +, because it's positive, like us! We are optimists after all!  :-)   

QUESTION: Why do you call your members Optimists? 

ANSWER: Academic institutes generally have a name for their members (Trojans, Fellows, Wild Cats, etc...), Optimists is just a catchy name that fits the theme of our institute, and it's true! We're optimists! 

QUESTION: What if I have more questions?

ANSWER: Contact us using the contact tool below or by email.